What’s on in Calabria in August 2017

What’s on in Calabria in August 2017

Summer is here and things are hotting up both on the beaches and in the towns and villages at night. I’ve mentioned before how Calabria has a dramatic facelift in the Summer and August is the month to experience the best of this stunning region.  If you’re wondering what’s on in Calabria in August 2017 check out my list of upcoming events so you don’t miss a thing.Despite being off the beaten track and out of the guide books, there is a whole world of activity going on that holidaymakers can make the most of to have plenty of unforgettable experiences. While every night is a Festa during the summer, there are some particularly special experiences that you really don’t want to miss out on. Happy Holidays!

A guide to what’s on in Calabria in August 2017

1st August – Festa della birra (Beer Festival), San Ferdinando, RC  

What a way to kick off August! Though not the only Beer Festival this summer, the Festa della birra in San Ferdinando is guaranteed to get things going!

2nd August – Street Art, Melicucco RC

The streets of Melicucco will be full of different local artists showing off their skills. If that’s not enough to attract you they will also be giving out free candy floss and popcorn. See you there!

3rd August – Street Food Festival , Vibo  

The Street Food Festival is doing the rounds of Calabria and now it’s Vibo’s turn to host.  Go along to taste a variety of different street food from round the world, from fish n chips to kebabs, one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be an explosion for your tastebuds!


3rd August – Officina Kalabra, Festa di Limbadi (VV)

The festa di Limbadi is practically an institution around these parts. Every year thousands of people flock to the streets of  Limbadi, a small village in the province of Vibo, to eat traditional food, dance to tarantella and drink lots of local wine! Highly recommended.

4th August – Sagra di Pruppu (Octopus Festival) Joppolo

Summer in Calabria is punctuated by numerous food festivals where the local dishes from that town or area are celebrated and served in a number of delicious dishes. The Sagra di Pruppu is one not be missed.

5th August – Sagra della Strunctura (Strucatura festival) Palmi (RC)

Struncatura is one of the oldest types of pasta from this region (read about its intriguing history here) and in Palmi it is celebrated at this annual Sagra.

6th August – Ondarock Festival della Birra, Squillace

Another night, another beer festival, this time accompanied by a selection of rock bands to encourage you to try yet another beer. Go on, you’ve twisted my arm.

7th August – Night Sensory Trekking, Nicotera

This is trekking but not as you know it. If you take part in Night Sensory Trekking you will meander through an urban environment where sights, smells and sounds will hit you from all directions. Where tradition meets legend, this evening is sure to be one you won’t forget!

8th August – Sagra della ‘Nduja, Spilinga

If you haven’t experienced Calabria’s number one export you must have been walking around with your eyes and mouth firmly shut. Get spicy with ‘nduja at this food festival and see how much heat you can handle. For more info about ‘nduja read my article  here.

8th August – Litfiba Concert, Crotone

This rock band from Florence are sure to draw a huge crowd at this summer concert in Crotone. Why not go along and judge for yourself if they merit it?

9th August – Somewhere Festival, Ricadi

A music festival celebrating Calabria. For more information check their website

10th August – Sagra del Vino (Wine festival) Brattirò di Drapia

Wine festival. Need I say more.

night trekking10th August – Falling Stars Night trekking, Samo

The 10th August is San Lorenzo, the night of the shooting stars or falling stars in Italian (sigh, read how beautiful the Italian language is here) and what could be a more beautiful place to experience them than camping high in the Aspromonte mountains with an unpolluted, undisturbed view. The next morning, you will head to a waterfall to wake yourself up in the cold, refreshing water. Perfect.

11th August Romeo and Juliet the musical, Cirella Diamante

You can watch this musical version of Romeo & Juliet if you need a summer Shakespeare fix. Starts 21:30

12th August, Sibari la belleza (Archaeological visit of Sibari) 

As part of the summer event programme at the national archaeological park, which also includes a series of concerts, is this fascinating evening of literary readings about Sibari. A great insight into this rich archaeological site.

13th August – Sagra della cipolla rossa (red onion festival) Ricadi

Another one of Calabria’s famous exports are Tropea red onions so what better way of celebrating them than attending a festival where you can try these sweet onions prepared in a number of different ways in some delicious calabrese dishes.

16th August – Cirò Wine Tasting, Cirò, KR

This is your opportunity to taste this delicious Calabrese wine along with sampling some local meat. Delicious.

18th August – Massimo Ranieri, Cirella di Diamante

This is one of Italy’s most famous singers but he is also a great presenter and actor.  His repertoire includes Napolitano songs which are sure to get the crowd cheering and singing along.

18th August –  A magara festival, Nocera terenese CZ

This summer festival combines beer, street food and rock n’roll all taking place in a beautiful location. Agrituriso Calabrialcubo surrounds itself with lush greenery, a small waterfall, an ancient mill and a rock which holds many legends. A great day out to be had.

19th August – Mannarino Concert, Soverato

Alessandro Mannarino is a young, hugely popular Italian singer whose catchy tunes will have you singing along. Tickets available from above link.

camping in lake arvo, what's on in Calabria in august 201726th August – Camping in Lake Arvo, Sila, CZ

Nature lovers will love this camping excursion which includes an overnight stay on the banks of lake Arvo in Sila National park.  Trek up to the top of shill for an amazing sunset panorama, taste some delicious local specialities, camp over night and wake up to a canoeing trip on the lake. Great for those who want to reconnect with nature.

27th August – Mario Biondi Concert, Soverato

Mario Biondi is a singer from Catania who mostly sings in English. His warm, deep voice is loved by many and he is performing in Soverato on the 27th August if you want to listen to him live.


Don’t fancy any of the above? Why not spend some time soaking up the sun on one of Calabria’s beautiful beaches.





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