The best waterfalls in Calabria

The best waterfalls in Calabria

Calabria has a wealth of natural attractions from beautiful coastline to rugged mountains.  If lying in the baking sun gets too much for you, you can always find refuge by taking a plunge in a gorgeous waterfall.  After a good trek through the Calabrian countryside there is nothing more satisfying than stumbling upon water cascading down  a mountain and in the height of summer it is even better.  Here are some of the best waterfalls in Calabria.

Cascate di Maesano, Aspromonte (RC)

maesano waterfallIn the heart of the Aspromonte National Park you will find the Maesano waterfalls (also known as the Amandolea waterfalls). A 1 1/2 hour trek (or jeep ride for those less able or willing) from the nearby dam, down a mountain will lead you to this beautiful site complete with a stunning lake which though beautiful, is heart-stoppingly freezing even in the height of summer.

Cascate del Campanaro, Catanzarocgt351

Just a short walk down a beautiful mountain path will lead you to this gorgeous waterfall and its icy waters. Beneath the waterfall is a deep pool which according to local legend is so deep that the water flows directly to the depths of hell!

Cascate Forgiarelle, Samo (RC)

UnknownIn the comune of Samo you can visit the Cascate Forgiarelle. Generated by the Ferraina torrent, this is not the easiest of places to reach but it is definitely worth the effort.  An arduous trek down a narrow path is made worthwhile by the stunning views that you take in and of course the beautiful multi-forked waterfall that you reach at the end.

Cascate della Tiglia, Platania (CZ)images-1

Thundering down from an impressive 30 metres, you can’t help but be blown away by this incredible waterfall.  A short trek (45 minutes) surrounded by nature will take you to the foot of Mount Reventino where you will find these impressive waterfalls.

Cascate Marmarico, Bivongi

Cascate_Marmarico1The star of all the Calabrese waterfalls is the Cascate Marmarico in Bivongi. They boast the highest waterfalls in Calabria at a massive 114m and a visit to these will certainly refresh your body and mind.  To reach them it’s a long hike or you can go with a jeep tour and just trek the last part, accompanied by the sound of the waterfall.  Once there you can swim in the icy cold water, if you’re brave enough of course!




If you fancy taking a dip in one of these waterfalls click here to find out how to get to Calabria and how to get around.

the best waterfalls to visit in Calabria

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