Which Of The Following Was One Of The Central Ideals Of The Italian Renaissance?

As a painful penitential journey. As requiring constant physical activity. Which of the following was one of the central ideals of the Italian Renaissance? The desire to educate the rural masses.

What was one of the central ideas of the Italian Renaissance?

During the 14th century, a cultural movement called humanism began to gain momentum in Italy. Among its many principles, humanism promoted the idea that man was the center of his own universe, and people should embrace human achievements in education, classical arts, literature and science.

What was an important factor in the spread of the Italian Renaissance?

The three main factors leading to the start of the Italian Renaissance are: 1) Government; 2) Banking; and 3) Intellectual Development. The Proto-Renaissance period between 1200 and 1400 A.D. marks the transition from Medieval Europe and the power of the Catholic Church as the main political authority in Italy.

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What was an important factor in the emergence of the Italian Renaissance quizlet?

What was the most important factor in the emergence of the Italian Renaissance? Italy was the trade capitol of Europe, many traveled to Italy and the result was a exchange in cultures and ideas leading to the Italian Renaissance. You just studied 5 terms!

Which of the following was an important consequence of the Renaissance quizlet?

Which of the following was an important consequence of the Renaissance? The gulf between the learned minority and uneducated majority increased.

What were the ideals of the Renaissance?

The Renaissance, therefore, encouraged the mastery of all disciplines, from philosophy to science to history and the arts (in particular visual arts). Six additional ideals formed under the Renaissance man: humanism, individualism, skepticism, versatility, secularism, and classicism.

What were the big ideas of the Renaissance?

The five major themes of the Renaissance were humanism, secularism, individualism, rationalism, and virtu. It was based on arts and humanities, religion, individuals trying to stand out, science, the church’s authority, and being the best at things.

Which of the following helped spread ideas during the Renaissance?

Science and Technology The invention of the printing press helped to spread Renaissance ideas throughout Europe.

How did the ideas of the Renaissance spread?

Renaissance ideas soon spread beyond Italy to northern Europe by means of trade, travel, and printed material, influencing the art and ideas of the north. Trade, the movement of artists and scholars, and the development of printing helped spread Renaissance ideas north from Italy.

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Which best describes why the Italian Renaissance spread to northern European cities quizlet?

urbanization. Which best describes why the Italian Renaissance spread to northern European cities? Cultural conditions that helped the Renaissance grow in Italy during the early 1400s began to appear in northern European cities during the mid-1400s. creating complex characters.

What Italian humanists stressed?

Political loyalty and feeling centered on a passionate attachment to the individual city-state. A glorification of individual genius. Italian humanist stressed the. Study of the classics for what they could reveal about human nature.

Which of the following is a characteristic of Renaissance sculpture?

General Characteristics An equally important feature of Renaissance art was its naturalism. In sculpture, this was evident in the increase of contemporary subjects, together with a more naturalistic handling of proportions, drapery, anatomy, and perspective.

What was an important consequence of the Renaissance?

The Renaissance led to significant results. It brought about a transition from the medieval to the modern age. This period witnessed the end of the old and reactionary medieval spirit, and the beginning of the new spirit of science, reason and experimentation. The hands of the monarchy were strengthened.

What was a consequence of the Peace of Augsburg quizlet?

The Peace of Augsburg ended the fighting in Europe between the Holy Roman Empire (Charles V) and the Protestant Princes in Germany. It established the fact that the princes could choose their religion in their territories. Recognized Lutheranism.

In what ways did the Renaissance and Reformation represent breaks from the medieval past?

The Renaissance represented a major break from Medieval Europe and its traditions in that it was able to achieve knowledge in a variety of disciplines that challenged the dominant worldview of the Church. At that time, the Church was the main sponsor of learning in Christendom.

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What did Humanists believe about education?

Humanists —proponents or practitioners of Humanism during the Renaissance—believed that human beings could be dramatically changed by education. The Humanists of the Renaissance created schools to teach their ideas and wrote books all about education.

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