What Does Peppino Mean In Italian?

In Italian the meaning of the name Peppino is: He adds’.

Where does the name Peppino come from?

Origin of Peppino Peppino is a diminutive of Giuseppe, which is an Italian variant of the biblical name Joseph.

What does the name Pipino mean?

English Translation. cucumber. More meanings for pipino. cucumber noun.

What does Calogero mean?

Southern Italian: from the personal name Calogero (from Greek Kalogeros, literally ‘handsome-old’ ). In Sicily especially this name was popularized by the cult of St. Calogero, a 5th-century martyr from Constantinople, who had stayed on the island for a time.

What does Gennaro mean in Italian?

The name Gennaro is a boy’s name of Italian origin meaning ” January”. This name of the patron saint of Naples would make an apt choice for a New Year’s baby, or one with Neapolitan roots.

Is Peppino an Italian name?

Italian Meaning: In Italian the meaning of the name Peppino is: He adds’.

What is Kalabasa in English?

It is known in Filipino as kalabasa, or in Philippine English as ” squash” or “pumpkin”.

What is English Patola?

Patola is called Silk Squash or Ribbed Loofah in English. Its scientific name is “Luffa Acutangula“.

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What does Nina mean in Italian?

Meaning & History Short form of names that end in nina, such as Antonina or Giannina. It was imported to Western Europe from Russia and Italy in the 19th century. This name also nearly coincides with the Spanish word niña meaning “little girl”.

Is Giovanni Italian for John?

Italian: from the personal name Giovanni, Italian equivalent of John.

What are the months in Italian?

Talking About The Months of the Year in Italian

  • January – gennaio – pronounced [gen-NAHY-oh]
  • February – febbraio – pronounced [feb-BRAHY-oh]
  • March – marzo – pronounced [MAR-tsoh]
  • April – aprile – pronounced [ah-PREE-leh]
  • May – maggio – pronounced [MAJ-joh]
  • June – giugno – pronounced [JOO-nyoh]

Is Gillian a guys name?

People. Gillian (variant Jillian) is an English feminine given name, frequently shortened to Gill. It originates as a feminine form of the name Julian, Julio, Julius, and Julien. It is also in use as a surname.

Where does the surname Gennaro come from?

Italian: from the personal name Gennaro ‘January’. The name is associated with the cult of Januarius, a 3rd-century bishop of Benevento, who became the patron saint of Naples.

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