Readers ask: What Does Mario Mean In Italian?

In Italian the meaning of the name Mario is: Bitter.

Is the name Mario Italian?

Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese: from the personal name Mario, from the Latin personal name Marius, which is probably of Etruscan origin, but was widely adopted from an early date in the Christian era as a male equivalent of the female Christian name Maria.

What is the English translation of the name Mario?

The name Mario is a boy’s name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning “Mars”.

What nationality is the name Mario?

The name Mario is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese version of the old Latin name Marius. The name is likely connected with Mars, the god of war in Roman mythology. It may also be connected to the Latin “mas, marem” meaning ‘male, virile.

What does Mario mean in Hebrew?

Mario is Hebrew Boy name and meaning of this name is ” Of the Sea or Sailor, Bitter”.

Is Mario Italian or French?

Mario is the Italian, French, Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Greek, and English form of the Latin Roman name Marius (see Marius). The Portuguese version of the name is spelled “Mário” (to highlight the pronunciation of the “a”). The Polish version is Mariusz.

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Where does the name Mario mean?

Latin Baby Names Meaning: In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Mario is: Hammer. Mars (Roman god of war). Also one of the number of masculine variants of Mary that can be attributed to the Virgin Mary.

What is Mario’s catchphrase?

He is a boy character and is a plumber, as is his brother Luigi. Mario’s catchphrase is ” Oh yeah! Mario time! “. This memorable catchphrase is just one of the reasons why Mario is such a loved character still today, but Mario wasn’t the only one with a catchphrase.

What age is Mario?


What language does Mario speak?

In the games, Mario speaks in English with a thick Italian accent. In other things like TV shows, he has a more Brooklyn-styled accent. Mario does not say many things.

Is Mario a Japanese name?

“Super Mario Bros. isn’t set in Japan, but the character’s Japanese. The name Mario sounds Italian, but he isn’t Italian. Miyamoto has also talked about how Mario transitioned from his job as a carpenter in Donkey Kong to his plumbing career in Super Mario Bros.

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