Quick Answer: What Is The Literal Meaning Of The Italian Word &Quot;Scherzo”?

[ˈskertso ] masculine noun. (gen) joke. (burla) (practical) joke ⧫ prank.

What is the literal meaning of the world Piccolo in Italian?

Piccolo (in Italian means “small” )

What does Marameo mean in Italian?

[maraˈmɛo] masculine noun. fare marameo a to thumb one’s nose at.

What is the meaning of the Italian word crescendo?

crescendo [noun] (especially in music) a gradual and continuous increase in loudness.

What does the Italian word allure mean?

/əˈlʊər/ an attractive or exciting quality. fascino, attrazione, richiamo. the allure of the city il richiamo della città (Translation of allure from the Cambridge English-Italian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) 6

What is the meaning of Bambino in Italian?

1 plural usually bambini: a representation of the infant Christ. 2: child, baby.

What does piccolo in English mean?

: a small shrill flute whose range is an octave higher than that of an ordinary flute.

What does Meto Forte mean?

: moderately loud —used as a direction in music.

What is Krushendo?

noun, plural cre·scen·dos, cre·scen·di [kri-shen-dee, -sen-dee; Italian kre-shen-dee]. Music. a gradual, steady increase in loudness or force. a musical passage characterized by such an increase. the performance of a crescendo passage: The crescendo by the violins is too abrupt.

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What does mezzo mean in piano?

: moderately soft —used as a direction in music.

How do you say allure in different languages?

In other languages allure

  1. American English: allure /əˈlʊər/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: encanto.
  3. Chinese: 魅力
  4. European Spanish: encanto.
  5. French: allant.
  6. German: Reiz.
  7. Italian: attrattiva.
  8. Japanese: 魅力

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