Quick Answer: What Is The Italian Word That Means To Play In Smooth Singing Style?

In music, cantabile [kanˈtaːbile], an Italian word, means literally “singable” or “songlike”. In instrumental music, it is a particular style of playing designed to imitate the human voice.

What is the Italian word for playing a piece of music slowly?

1. ADAGIO. When a piece of music specifies the tempo — or speed — as “adagio,” it should be played slowly, at approximately 65-75 beats per minute (b.p.m.) on a metronome.

What Italian word means smooth and connected?

legato: Italian term for describing a manner of playing that is smooth and connected and has a flowing effect.

What is the meaning of cantabil?

: in a singing manner —often used as a direction in music.

What does sotto voce mean in music?

1: under the breath: in an undertone also: in a private manner. 2: very softly —used as a direction in music.

What does the Italian term Andante mean?

Andante is a musical tempo marking meaning moderately slow. The literal meaning of the Italian word ‘Andante’ is ‘ at a walking pace ‘, with suggestions of ‘easy-going’; or it could be simply ‘uniform’, like the regularity of a walker’s tread.

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What is a Largo in music?

Largo is an Italian tempo marking meaning ‘broadly’ or, in other words, ‘ slowly ‘. In music, largo and adagio both signify a slow pace, but they convey separate meanings to modern Italians.

What does Forte mean in music?

Forte (f) – loud. Fortissimo (ff) – very loud. Sforzando (sfz) – a sudden, forced loud. Usually the appreviation is used to show dynamics in a piece of music.

What does Andantino mean in music?

(Entry 1 of 2): slightly faster than andante —used as a direction in music.

What does Maestoso mean in music?

: majestic and stately —used as a direction in music.

What does Animato mean in music?

: with animation —used as a direction in music.

What does ruhig mean in music?

A directive to perform the indicated passage of a composition in a calm and peaceful manner.

What does Ritenuto mean in music?

: held back in tempo —used as a direction in music usually indicating an abrupt slowing down.

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