Question: What Are The Best Italian Wines?

Three Italian red wines to buy for special occasions

  • Barolo Barbaresco. Piedmont’s Barolo is the undoubtedly the king of Italian red wines.
  • Brunello. Brunello di Montalcino is the king of wines made with Sangiovese.
  • Amarone.
  • Gattinara.
  • Rosso di Montalcino.
  • Chianti Classico.
  • Barbera d’Asti.
  • Dolcetto d’Alba.

What is the smoothest Italian red wine?

The Best Italian Red Wines of 2020

  • Fontodi 2017 Chianti Classico; $39, 95 points.
  • Michele Chiarlo 2017 Cipressi (Nizza); $30, 94 points.
  • Illuminati 2017 Ilico Riserva (Montepulciano d’Abruzzo); $24, 91 points.
  • Produttori di Manduria 2017 Lirica (Primitivo di Manduria); $16, 91 points.

What is a nice Italian red wine?

Sangiovese This is Italy’s most important red wine variety that’s the base grape of Chianti Classico. (A Tuscan daily drinker!) Barbera This variety is a richer, more plummy red, but still packs “wow! Nebbiolo This is Piedmont’s other, more well-known wine (although it is less-planted than Barbera).

Which is better Barolo vs Brunello?

The Differences Between Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino The Nebbiolo grapes that go into Barolo produce a lighter-looking wine which is nevertheless full-bodied and high in both tannin and acidity. Brunello also has high acidity, but contains lower levels of tannin.

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What is the most popular red wine in Italy?

What to drink in Italy? 10 Most Popular Italian Red Wines

  • Wine Appellation. Bolgheri DOC. Province of Livorno.
  • Wine Variety. Dolcetto. Piedmont.
  • Wine Variety. Nebbiolo. Piedmont.
  • Wine Variety. Corvina. Veneto.
  • Wine Appellation. Bardolino. Province of Verona.
  • Wine Appellation. Chianti. Tuscany.
  • Wine Variety. Barbera.
  • Wine Appellation. Barolo.

Is Chianti An Italian wine?

An iconic, food -friendly Italian red wine, Chianti can range in price from $10 a bottle to upwards of $50 for higher-end versions. In recent decades, Chianti has outgrown its old-school straw basket image from the 1970s, and has evolved past being an Anthony Hopkins reference in Silence of the Lambs.

What is the king of Italian wines?

Considered to be one of the best wines in the world, many have referred to Barolo as the king of wines and even as the wine of the kings. An exclusive product that is known for being made in the Italian province of Cuneo (Piedmont), with the best Nebbiolo grapes and aged for a long time.

Which Italian red wine is like pinot noir?

Under this description, the Italian wine most similar to Pinot Noir would be Frappato. Frappato is a native Italian grape varietal from Sicily. Historically, Frappato was used as a blending grape in the lower eastern corner of Sicily around the town of Vittoria.

Is Brunello a Chianti?

Brunello is made in the southern part of Tuscany where it is warmer. It has limestone soils, which give sangiovese extra power and ripeness. In the Classico region, which was where Chianti started in the early 18th century, the soils are a shale and clay mix called Galestro.

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Is Barolo a Chianti?

Barolo: Dry, full-bodied, magisterial wine from Nebbiolo grapes in the Barolo area of Piedmont. Chianti: Very dry, medium-bodied, moderately tannic wine with lovely tart-cherry flavor, mainly from Sangiovese grapes grown in the Chianti area of Tuscany.

Is Barolo more expensive than Brunello?

No surprise, both Barolo and Brunello are more expensive. Barolo, known as “The Wine of Kings,” certainly takes the cake for most expensive among the three wines.

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