How To Pronounce Pizza In Italian?

The word pizza is from Italian and the spelling is still Italian in many languages (in all languages using Latin alphabets that I know of), in Italian it’s pronounced /pittsa/ with a “long” (or “double” as I would call it in Norwegian) t sound.

Is it pronounced Pitza or pizza?

Is it pronounced Pitza or pizza? Well in Italian, it’s pronounced /ˈpit. tsa/, and when the word was borrowed into English, it kept that T sound. In the Italian alphabet, the /tts/ sound is written “zz”, so they spell it “pizza”, and when the word was borrowed into English, its spelling stayed the same too.

How is ZZ pronounced in Italian?

Z and ZZ- When used singular, it can be silent, as in Dizionario, but when doubled in Pizza it can sound more like a T. G- If G appears before the letters A, O, or U, it has a hard sound like Grande, but if it precedes E or I, like in Gelato, it has a soft and gentle sound.

How do you spell Pizza phonetically?


  1. IPA: /ˈpiːt.sə/
  2. Audio (US) (file)

How do you say pizza in other languages?

In other languages pizza

  1. American English: pizza /ˈpitsə/
  2. Arabic: بِيتْزا
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: pizza.
  4. Chinese: 比萨饼
  5. Croatian: pizza.
  6. Czech: pizza.
  7. Danish: pizza.
  8. Dutch: pizza.
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How do you say I want pizza in French?

Translation of “I want pizza” in French Je veux une pizza.

How do you say pizzeria in English?

Break ‘pizzeria’ down into sounds: [PEET] + [SUH] + [REE] + [UH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What does pizzeria mean in English?

: an establishment where pizzas are made or sold.

What sound does Ch make in Italian?

If you see a CH spelling in Italian, it’s actually pronounced as a hard K sound, not as a soft “ch” sound as it would be in English. K: The last syllable is spelt C – H – I – so the C plus H is pronounced as a hard K sound.

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