FAQ: When Is Italian Fest?

Italian Fest 2021 | September 17-18 | Collinsville Illinois.

How long is the Italian Festival?

Each year on Columbus Day weekend the Italian community comes together in a 3 day celebration with the finest in food, entertainment and Italian culture.

Where is the Italian Festival in Columbus Ohio?

A three-day celebration of the finest in food, entertainment and Italian culture on the grounds of St. John the Baptist Italian Church in Italian Village.

How much is it for the Italian Festival?

Admission to the Festival is Free! The Italian Street Festival does not require a ticket for admission or to enjoy any of the entertainment acts.

Is San Gennaro 2021 Cancelled?

The Feast is Back!! The Feast of San Gennaro 2021 in Little Italy, NYC runs from Thursday September 16 through Sunday September 26! We’re happy to announce that our Grand Marshall for the 2021 Feast of San Gennaro is is NYC Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro.

What does San Gennaro mean in English?

The name Gennaro is widespread in Campania and goes back to the Latin “Ianuarius” which means “consecrated to the god Janus”, generally given to children born in January, the month sacred to the god. His first name was actually Procolus, belonging to the gens (family) Ianuaria.

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