Baby Beach Essentials

Baby Beach Essentials

Whether you live by the sea or are simply dreaming of a summer holiday, any parent can tell you that going to the beach with kids  can require a lot of forward planning! Here in Calabria I spend most days on the beach as it keeps my munchkin happy (and her mum too!) I now think I’ve mastered the perfect kit for beach days so here is my list of Baby Beach Essentials that will make your trip to the beach fun, relaxing and stress free!

1.  Suntan lotion

First and foremost it goes without saying that Suntan lotion is the most important thing to take. Little skin is delicate and so always look for a factor 50 or higher.  I love Aveeno products as my little one tends to break out in a heat rash with certain products but never with this. It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes, applies well and doesn’t leave the skin sticky like most. Great for children with sensitive skin. Whichever product you choose make sure you apply it liberally, sun burn on kids is so sad.


2.  Paddling pool

Now you might question my logic for thinking that a paddling pool is a baby beach essential but for me this is an essential item. When the sun is scorching and the sea is wavy a paddling pool is the perfect way for your little one to relax and stay cool. I put my little one in hers under the umbrella and she will happily splash away to her hear’s content. This year I found one with rigid sides and this was a game changer. Not being inflatable means I don’t have to risk an asthma attack trying to inflate it and if I go to a pebbly beach I don’t need to worry about it getting a puncture. I especially love it because it folds up small into a handy carry bag which also doubles as a bucket to fill the pool with. Genius!

3.  Talcum powder

Did you know that the easiest way in the world to get sand off of little ones skin is to just apply talcum powder? There’s some magical ingredient that means that you can easily get the sand off without any tears and tantrums! Put it in your beach bag this moment! And talking of beach bags…


4.  Mesh Beach Bag

Every mum knows a decent beach bag is essential and this one from Butterme is perfect for any trip to the beach because not only is it large enough to stash all of baby’s favourite toys but it’s also made of mesh which means you won’t take homehalf the beach with you as sand and water will simply drain away.  I love this bag because it’s also super cute and available in a variety of different colours and designs too. Best part of all at, it’s cheap too; leaving you with more money for gelato!

5.  Swimming nappies

If your little one isn’t potty trained you’ll definitely need swimming nappies or washable swimming pants. I’m a fan of Huggies little swimmers because they’re bright, comfortable and have cute disney designs on them. I also love these Bambino Mio washable swim pants because they are comfortable, beautifully designed and less likely to break like the disposable ones. Having said that, use with caution if your baby is teething, that’s all I’m going to say…

6.  Baby Sun Hat

So I’m addicted to baby clothes and my little girl has a huge collection of sun hats whether it be baseball caps or large brimmed sun hats to shade her from the scorching Calabrian sun. While she isn’t as keen wearing them as I am choosing them and putting them on her, this is my favourite. It’s made by a company called Cukke and it is just adorable.

7.  Baby beach shelter

These are the perfect way to avoid the strong sun rays and avoid heat related illnesses. Easy to use, they literally pop up and provide shade for little ones. This particular one is on my wish list because it has a BUILT IN POOL to keep bubba cool. How amazing is that! The tents themselves offer UV protection but always make sure whichever shelter you choose has lots of ventilation as otherwise they can potentially cause your baby to overheat!


8.  Baby sunglasses

I don’t really need to say anything about these CGID sunglasses apart from, OMG


Which of these baby beach essentials are your favourites? Is there anything else you consider a must have for the beach? Let me know in the comments below.

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Baby beach essential: your must-have items for the beach this summer

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