Hypnobirthing: what’s it all about?

As my belly grows and my pregnancy progresses I keep thinking about the fact that at some point I am going to be giving birth.  I’ve been watching “One born every minute” for months, have signed up to various baby sites and have already read enough books to shelve a small library.  One thing I’m not prepared for though is the birth.

In Calabria the birthing options are limited to with epidural or without epidural.  Now I’m a wimp and know that were I to be giving birth in England I would be sucking down the gas and air and probably demanding morphine at every given moment.  I’d love to picture myself as a 100% natural earth mother who gives birth calmly but quite frankly I know my personality and I doubt I’ll be like that.

Having said that, I’m not 100% sure about an epidural.  Obviously being a first time mother I have no idea what it’s like but I don’t like the idea of not being able to feel anything.  And also being here, I’ve heard stories where the anaesthetist was unavailable at the time so it couldn’t be administered.  I’m going to book one anyway just in case but I’ve recently been researching other pain control methods and came across hypnobirthing.

The idea behind it is for the mother to give achieve a form of self-hypnotic state during labour, by a series of breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques, in order to deal with the physical pain that the body is experiencing.

Sadly there are no courses held near where I live, or in fact in Calabria, but I’ve bought a book, signed up to an online course and am looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.

If you have have tried hypnobirthing or are planning to try it I would love to hear from you and hear your experiences.

As for me? Watch this space.


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