Reasons to get married in Italy

When it comes to planning your special day any bride (or long-suffering groom) will tell you; there’s no such thing as a quick decision.  Planning our wedding we ummed and ahhed about everything from the flowers to the songs to the table decorations, but one thing that did come easily was the decision to marry in Italy.

  1. The Food

It sounds like a cliché but, just as the English know how to drink the Italians know how to eat.  At an Italian wedding be prepared to indulge in a mountain of food, stuffing yourself until you’re ready to pop out of your beautifully elegant outfit.  Knowing that this is the one part of the wedding that Italians will analyse, dissect and if not up to scratch, whinge about, the food is to die for.

2. The Climate

There’s a saying in Italy, “Sposa Bagnata, sposa fortunata”, which means a wet bride is a lucky bride.  In Calabria I think most brides are unlucky as the warm climate means that the sun is sure to shine on your nuptials.  This allows couples to plan beautiful outdoor weddings, making the most of the stunning scenery.

3. Amore

It goes without saying that Italy is the land of love and so when it comes to a wedding there is a certain indescribable magic which makes everything so much more romantic. It could be the climate, the setting to maybe just the prosecco but an Italian wedding is undeniably romantic.


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