10 reasons why Calabria should be your holiday destination for 2017

10 reasons why Calabria should be your holiday destination for 2017

Summer is just around the corner. Gym memberships are on the rise, diet plans are being googled and most people are starting to think about where they can get away for a relaxing break.  If you haven’t booked yet, why don’t you consider Calabria? Here’s a few reasons why you really should.

cropped-img_0909.jpg1.   It’s got a fantastic climate:  Being the toe of the boot Calabria enjoys a mild climate all year round with temperatures soaring in the summer months making it the ideal beach holiday destination. However, thanks to its mountainous landscape there are plenty of places to seek refuge from the heat if temperatures get too much!

2.  You can avoid the crowds: Calabria proudly boasts almost 800km of coast so there is no need for you to battle over space on the beach.  Capo Vaticano in the Coast of the Gods has hundreds of tiny beaches only accessible by boat with gleaming white sand and turquoise waters, allowing you to have your very own Robinso Crusoe moment.

3.  Incredible food: While every region of Italy will claim to dish up the best food, thanks to the climate Calabrese cuisine really does have the most delicious ingredients and a variety of simple dishes which makes it world renowned.  From ‘nduja to struncatura, insalata di polipo or pesce spada, a journey to Calabria is a journey for your tastebuds. Prepare to come back a few kg heavier!

calabria beach4.  Beautiful beaches: Whether it’s a secluded bay or a vast stretch of sand, Calabria has something for even the most die-hard sun worshipper. In 2017 more beaches have been awarded the bandiera verde, a prize for excellence, in Calabria than in any other region of Italy. To see some of the best click here

5.  The people: The Calabrese will welcome you into their homes and their hearts. No favour is too big and their warm, generous nature will mean you will leave Calabria not only with wonderful memories but also with a wealth of wonderful friends.

6.  The best scenery: The rugged landscape here means you can be soaking up the sun on one of the many beaches and yet only 30 minutes later be at the top of a mountain looking out to Sicily.  Calabria has one of the few ski slopes in the world in which you can be skiing whilst watching boats sail out to sea! Waterfalls, thermal springs, national parks and gorgeous coast line, there is something for everyone here and photographers will revel in the many different photo opportunities on offer,

7.  It’s both easy and inexpensive to get to: With flights to over 12 European and Worldwide countries at the time of writing, with a wide range of airlines many of which are low-cost carriers, getting here is straight forward and doesn’t break the bank. See my other post on how to get to Calabria and get around.

8.  The cost: Forget the North’s rip-off prices, here in the South tourists and locals pay the same prices so you don’t have to worry about paying over the odds for your frothy cappuccino.

IMG_13119.  The variety of things to do: Calabria really does have something for everyone. Fancy trekking to a waterfall? Want to kite surf on some killer waves? Discover mediaeval ruins? Shop till you drop? Take a boat trip to a deserted beach? Ski while taking in the ocean? Stuff your face till you can no longer move? All of this and more is possible.

10.  Undiscovered Italy: Yes of course Rome and Venice are beautiful but Italy is so much more than big cities and being shoulder to shoulder with other tourists. To get a glimpse of the real Italy you need to see how real people live and there is no better place to do that than down in Calabria.

So what are you waiting for? Come and see for yourself Italy’s secret paradise.


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